Dom Izgrev, Burgas

"Dom Izrev" is a mixed multifunctional building with housing, public services and underground parking in LPR III-217, quarter 36, according to the plan of zh.k. Izgrev, city of Burgas.

The building has twelve floors: two underground, one underground (ground floor) and nine above ground.
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The building has a commercial function on the ground floor, administrative and residential function in the above-ground levels, as well as parking on the ground in both underground floors. It has a total of twelve floors: two underground, one underground (ground floor) and nine above ground. On the ground floor is the main entrance to the apartments and the administrative part of the building, a lobby with access to the store, the main lobby with elevators, a stairwell for vertical communication.

Vertical communication between the floors is provided by two passenger elevators for eight people, suitable for wheelchairs.

Level of completion:

Common parts:

- complete construction of the building and completed gene plan, according to the project;
- stairs and common areas - granite;
- walls and ceilings - gypsum plaster and latex;
- railings - according to the project;
- with installed elevator.

Objects in the building: in all rooms / bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and corridors /: walls and ceilings - plastered gypsum plaster with aluminum corner profiles under the plaster; floors - cement screed; in wet rooms - lime-cement plaster; floor - cement screed; balconies - walls and ceilings with facade plaster with installed lighting fixtures, floor - waterproofing and granite; external joinery: windows - PVC joinery by design, PVC or aluminum window sills; apartment entrance doors - anti-burglary; Plumbing installation - made according to a project of polypropylene plumbing / reinforced and insulated / on "plug"; Electrical installation - executed according to a project, including high-current electrical installation for lighting and sockets, installed electricity meters, apartment electrical panel, installed switches and sockets, installed lighting fixtures on the balconies, bell and intercom installation, indoor telephone and TV installation; HVAC - implemented according to the project.

parking spaces: walls and ceilings - lime-cement plaster; floor - concrete slab;

facades: external walls - brick four / 25 cm./; thermal insulation on brick walls with EPS, facade mesh plastered with glue, silicate plaster; thermal insulation on concrete surfaces - XPS, facade mesh plastered with glue, silicate plaster.


In the immediate vicinity is the church "St. Anastasius", main transport arteries in the direction of the city center, Sunny Beach and the highway to Sofia. The unique Sea Garden is a 5-minute walk away.
zh.k. Izgrev, block 192